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the NEW Vital Danza: …
is to dance with Love and Life!.

Vital Development is a system of human development and emotional awareness and expression, pioneered and founded by Patricia Martello & Marcelo Di Matteo. 
Vital Development uses positive experiences like; positive emotions, music, movement, expression to awakening a warm sense of human communion to open up and awaken a profound and enjoyable connection with our profound and true human potentials.

It does this through specific vital dances and exercises; unique intense vital experiences of aliveness known as vivencias.

The New VITAL DANZA of Love & Life...!


Who is Vital Development for?
by Patricia Martello

Vital development is for sensitive people, because they respond to art.
It is for the artists, because they experience who want to live better everyday.
It is for the artists, because they experience ecstasy.
It is for those who want to live with intensity the simple things of everyday life, because they know of beauty.
Vital Development is for those who have an open heart, full of love, because they will find the harmony and peace of the embraces.
It is for those who love music, because they know of movement full of feeling.
Vital Development is for the tired traveler, and for the lonely.
For the intellectual, the brilliant and the talented.
It is for pregnant women, for children , for adults and for older people.
Vital Development is for me, and for you.
It is for all those who love Nature, because they feel it on their skin.
It is for those who need enjoyed enjoyment and action.
Vital Development is for those who need to love.
For those who do not need anything, because they are beautiful as they are.
It is for the illuminated, because they will give their light.
It is for the poets, because they experienced the “vivencia” of poetry.
And finally, Vital Development is for the fearful, because they will find the other side of fear:
the desire to Live and Love…


Photos above by  Alejandro Allu Lorenzo

The Vital Vivential system of Life awareness

The potential of the person taking part in VD is awakened in a group process by living in the here and the now, all with intensity and enjoyment!
This moment of full awareness and aliveness, the vivencia of VD, may be felt physically, psychologically, emotionally, in the joy of movement and the sense of a free body, in connection and communion with yourself and with others in the group or, sometimes, in contact with Nature.

Vital Development brings new objectives, upgraded techniques and an a wide theoretical net of support which are original and unique.

This is based on a appropriate and well founded incorporation of elements other techniques like, for example, the awareness in motion – Feldenkrais method, shamanic dances of afro-Brazilian, west Canadian and south pacific origin, and the application of techniques taken from the Psycomagic of Alejandro Jodorovski and the Sacred Psychology of Jane Houston.

The whole in itself appears as a new movement-therapy proposal with an original input and unique substance.

In this way, this vivential method gives light to a new technical context and amplifies the horizon of other known body systems. The appropriate and subtle blend of movements and music allows the participants into a vital and therapeutic experience of profound transformational power.

Vital Development Biodanza enjoyment - fullfilment in action

Another element within the roots of VD of Patricia Martello & Marcelo Di Matteo is the amplification of the concept of love: from Love/eros towards the Greek tradition of Love/agape. 

Within this same line and from the biological point of view, this is also supported by the theory of the three brains: reptile brain, mammal brain and human brain mentioned by Claudio Naranjo.

Finally, is common to find in VD works shops the intelligent, progressive and appropriate incorporation of exercises of tantra, meditation, family constellations and NLP, among other systems and methods.

We can say that VD is a more contemporary, balanced and dynamic version in the horizon of body-movement systems.

This has been achieved through the incorporation of around 120 new exercises and dances (on top of the around 250 currently in use), the majority of them challenging, extraordinary and transformational creations of Martello & Di Matteo.

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“A beginners class is the open door for an exciting connection  with the exploration of our Human Potentials and out true self. A poetic and tender awakening of the creative-vital potentialities dormant in our inner selves. The Group will develop within   a healthy, harmonious and powerful way the expression of the five Lines of Vivencia of Biodanza Vital Development: Vitality, Sexuality. Creativity, Affectivity & Transcendence Gentle communication exercises with a new, creative and different perception of your Human Existence. Learning to feel alive with a general sense of well-being with this unique and empowering Latin American system . “”  .”

Patricia Martello
Biodanza Vital Development Senior Instructor – Member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners

More information:

More BVD Info for Beginners in London Patricia Martello in Central London Covent Garden, Barnes & Brighton: tel 0208 392 1433 (Mon-Fri 10am – 6pm)

® Vital Development in CENTRAL LONDON with Patricia Martello MBRCP & Marcelo Di Matteo MBRCP (Directors of the Schools of Vital Development in the UK – members of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners & Guild of Biodanza Professionals )