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Patricia Martello (MBRCP)

Director BWA Schools of Vital Development Biodanza in London and Brighton in the United Kingdom, Amsterdam in Holland & Tokyo in Japan.
Involved in Biodanza Vital Development for 30 years, she has been the founder of the first Biodanza Association in Argentina. She trained in South America directly with Rolando Toro Araneda and Mirta Schinini, her Biodanza Teachers and mentors.
Her creativity and passion has developed and evolved the Biodanza movement, from South America to the rest of the world , she is delivering her training, seminars and workshops for the last 25 years pioneering Biodanza in the USA , Holland, Finland, Slovenia , Belgium, France, Greece, Denmark, Japan, Thailand and South Africa.
She is the pioneer and founder of the Biodanza movement in the United Kingdom and in 1993 opened the First School in the United Kingdom based in London.
She also founded the first Schools of Biodanza in Tokyo, Japan; Amsterdam, Holland and Paris, France and actively colaborated and supported with her unique vital input the opening of the first Schools of Biodanza in Johannesburg, South Africa; Brussels, Belgium; Rotterdam, Holland; Lille France; Edinburgh, Scotland, Cardiff, Wales; Bristol, England. 
Patricia is currently working in several projects of expansion and development of Biodanza including the opening of the first BWA Schools of Vital Development Biodanza in Buenos Aires, Pouso Alegre in Brazil, Helsinki in Finland; in Brighton, England and Los Angeles, USA.
Her Schools graduated dozens of Professionals now spreading Biodanza Vital Development all over the world.

Creator of Biodanza Vital Development, a new wider, more accurate updated and upgraded form of Biodanza, rooted in the true essence of the Eros-Vital Principle. 
This more Vivential approach of Biodanza, brings the teachings, esearches and studies of Rolando Toro Araneda to a new higher level of development.
Alongside Marcelo Di Matteo, is also the creator of the Vital Development Minotaur Project Experience, an updated and upgraded version of the original one by Rolando Toro (1983).

Since 1998 she is a member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners – Institute of Complementary Medicine in the UK; and co-founder (alongside Cristina Arrieta and Marcelo Di Matteo) of the Biodanza World Association.
She have been working for the last years in dancing the ancients secrets of Fire and Alchemy. Since her last trips to Los Angeles and Sedona in the USA, her work has evolve in the transformation and resurrection of the hidden forces in the human soul for permanent renovation and rebirth.
Her work is based in the ancient dancing archetypes of love, ecstasy and rebirth and the way to process them into mind, body and spirit energies. During the last 16 years she has been performing and dancing ceremonies of ancient archetypes in the Island of Lesvos in Greece and Kua Zulu Natal in South Africa, alongside various trips to Brazil, Argentina and Chile in South America.
She is currently developing a new project of Vital Development and preventive medicine in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in cooperation with a group local of health professionals and Vital Development Professionals. 
She is the author of the e-book The Words of the Body .
She lives in London with her loving husband Marcelo Di Matteo and her two children Santiago and Nicolas since 1994. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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Marcelo Di Matteo (MBRCP)

Qualified Didactic Biodanza Teacher Former Director the Première Ecole de Biodanza de Bruxelles – Belgique
Coordinator BWA Schools of Biodanza Vital Development in London-United Kingdom, Brighton-UK, Tokyo-Japan and Amsterdam-Holland
Registered Member of: British Register of Complementary Practitioners – United Kingdom Institute of Complementary Medicine – United Kingdom Biodanza World Association The Guild of Biodanza Professionals
Former member of: Associazione Europea Insegnanti di Biodanza Asociation Belge de Professeurs de Biodanza Asociacion Argentina de Profesores de Biodanza
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina; son of Ana and Aldo.
In love with Patricia Martello since 1986. Has three sons: Luciano, Santiago and Nicolas.
Qualified Architect (1980) and Graphic Designer (1988). Former lecturer and professor of five universities in Argentina during a period of 14 years.
First connected with Biodanza in Buenos Aires 1980 directly with Rolando Toro Araneda.
Former executive member of the Centro Buenos Aires de Biodanza, the first officially registered Biodanza organization in the country.
Organizer and general manager of the 5th Latin American Congress of Biodanza in Buenos Aires in 1994.
Organizer of the 1st Britsh Encounter of Biodanza in Wimborne, Dorset in 1995. Foundation member of the Association of Biodanza Teachers in the UK and the Asociation Belge de Professeurs de Biodanza.
General manager and Organizer of the 1st Regional Encounter of the North West Europe and the First European Symposium of Biodanza Teachers in Canterbury in 2005.
General manager and organizer of the Biodanza Vital Development Encounters in the UK 2007-08-09-10 / Biodanza Teachers Gathering at Gaunts House, Dorset.
Personal friend and organizer of Rolando Toro’s workshops in Argentina and Europe during 17 years.
He attended seminars and trainings of theatre, yoga, martial arts, dance theatre, corporal expression, dance improvisation, psychodrama, art therapy, gestalt therapy, psychology of perception, management of enterprises, marketing, mass media, Latin-American art history and anthropology among others.
Since moving with his family to London in 1995, he has dedicated full time to the development and spread of the Biodanza System in the North West Europe. Pioneer of Biodanza in Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Belgium, Holland and South Africa.
Ex member of the Scientific Committee of the IBF and Current member of the Scientific Board of the BWA First Schools of Biodanza Vital Development in the United Kingdom and Holland. Attended numerous conferences of BVD worldwide: Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Austria, Brazil, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Argentina and South Africa. 
Marcelo has been invited to give seminars, lectures and workshops of Biodanza Vital Development all over the world: Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Scotland, Spain, France, Greece, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Professional experience: Biodanza for disabled, children and teenagers with special needs, elderly people, couples, people with cancer, stress, existential depression, sexual impotence and frigidity.
Biodanza Vital Development qualifications: Identity and the Four Elements, Biodanza & Neo-shamanism, Minotaur Project, Tree of Desires, in Nature, Laboratory of Creativity, Clinical Biodanza, Ecological couple, Aquatic Biodanza, Alchemists Dances, Oracle of Goddesses & Gods, Art & Creativity, Phoenix Project, Archetypes of Inner Transformation.
Alongside Patricia Martello and Cristina Arrieta is the one of the Co-ordinators of the Biodanza World Association, one of the leader organizations of Biodanza worldwide.