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First Schools of Vital Development ® in the United Kingdom

The First Schools of Vital Development were opened by Patricia Martello and Marcelo Di Matteo in London, Brighton, Helsinki, Tokyo and Amsterdam.  
The development, aims and successes of these Schools are outstanding in the map of Vital Development worldwide.
This first Schools in the United Kingdom, aims at training Vital Development Facilitators. 
A new profession that introduces a new paradigm of Life Processes which developes and establishes a different pedagogy in the art of affective communication and of the profound joy of living in harmony with the Universe. The School's unique Programme involves a rigorous training in the "Vital Living Experience" and a theoretical training about the effects of the Vital Development dances and exercises on health and life style.

Under the energetic and creative power of its Director, Patricia Martello, the School has re-created itself many times in each new cycle of the training program.
Different projects, new challenges and the incorporation of the latest developments of Vital Development have always been within the aims of these new Schools of Love and Life.

The introduction of VD within the network of Colleges of Adult Education and Age UK is the result of the serious commitment of the School to open new work places within the Communities all over the UK.
These new Schools of Vital Development have provided a unique dimension in the development and spread of the Vital Development method in a caring framework, as never before.