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Team Community and Social Action field work experience:

The School will organize a Community and Social Action Project (CSAP) according to local possibilities and will supervise the quality and development of the different groups and activities through the Didactic Teachers and Tutors of the School of Biodanza.
Students of LEVEL II will participate in community and social action projects of Vital Development within organisations and institutions, e.g. people with special needs, immigrant groups, seniors, child welfare, health institutions, education, youth organizations, homeless, support for carers, health professionals.
This field work is part of the students curricula and will be developed alongside the rest of the training course.

These activities will be considered in the students C. V. and will be considered in the worldwide map of Vital Development. Each school will organize a program of social action according to local possibilities and will do a control of quality of the activities and also of continuity with different groups.