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Vital Development: the New VITAL Dance of Life..!

A new flame of Vital energy has arrived to the evening workshops in London with Vital Development! Alongside the most experienced Facilitators in the UK and the world, a unique dimension of Human Joy and Growth is now available for our Hearts and Souls.       

Vital Weekly Evening Classes

Vital Development ®   in CENTRAL LONDON – Covent Garden with Patricia Martello MBRCP & Marcelo Di Matteo MBRCP (Directors of the Schools of VITAL DEVELOPMENT in the UK – members of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners & Guild of VITAL Biodanza Professionals )

   Patricia Martello MBRCP,  internationally  renowned facilitator   

    Marcelo Di Matteo MBRCP, with unique 30 years worldwide experience

  Biodanza Vital Development, self-expression & well-being    Biodanza Vital Development, self-expression, emotional fitness & well-being

“A beginners class is the open door for an exciting connection with the exploration of our Human Potentials and out true self. A poetic and tender awakening of the creative-vital potentialities dormant in our inner selves. The Group will develop within a healthy, harmonious and powerful way the expression of the five Lines of Vivencia of Vital Development: Vitality, Sexuality. Creativity, Affectivity & Transcendence Gentle communication exercises with a new, creative and different perception of your Human Existence. Learning to feel alive with a general sense of well-being with this unique Latin American system, uniquely lead by very experienced Latin American facilitators.” Patricia Martello (Vital Development Instructor)

Classes in NEW VENUE in Covent Garden
Vital Development – Central London 

New Term 2012 From Thursday 6th September until 13th December 2012.  
Please arrive on time, thank you!
Dragon Hall Covent Garden: 17 Stukeley Street,  London WC2B 5LT
(off Drury Lane)

Undergrounds:  Covent Garden (Piccadilly Line) – Holborn (Northern Line) – Tottenham Court Road(Central Line)  

Free Taster Classes: Thursdays 6th September, 4th October, 1st November and 6th December.  2012. For new participants.

Fees 2012: £16 p/class / £13 Concessions; or Buy a VitalCard and get the best discounts    

VITALCard Passes £110 / 10 classes ( any evening- 4 months period) £11 p/class! – £140 / 14 Classes (any evening – 6 month period)   £10 p/class  

NEW Monthly Payments: £12 p/class with full monthly advanced payment: £48 (4 classes) or £60 (5 classes) p/month


Patricia Martello & Marcelo Di Matteo
26 years together, 32 years of wonderful Vivencias for the world, the pioneers in the UK..
Vital Development is for ALIVErs, not just survivors, Need Any help? Dont know where to start? Just call us! 02083921433

———————————————————————— Beginners Classes in EAST ACTON ——>>>>> Cancelled, sorry! The beginners Group at East Acton is a gentle introduction/beginners class, for those a bit more shy, who need space and time for themselves and don’t enjoy very large groups. The East Acton group is the perfect environment for those ones that want to feel the marvellous effects of the class and enrich their lives with Vital Development Biodanza, but need a special gentle environment for this to happen.

VENUE: St Aidan’s Parish Church, Community Centre (nursery)

Google map link: HERE! 87-89 Old Oak Common Lane, East Acton, London W3 7DD. (3′ walk from tube East Acton, Central Line).    Buses to East Acton From Shepperds Bush: (20′), 272, 95, 260, 283,70; Hammersmith (28′), 283, 72; Paddington (20′), 7; South Kensington (30′), 70; Acton Central: (10′), 70; Chiswick: (15′), 272; Acton Main Line (10′), 260; Barnes (35′), 283, 72 View Larger Map =================================================