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What is Vital Development?

Who is Vital Development for?
by Patricia Martello 

Vital development is for sensitive people, because they respond to art.

It is for the artists, because they experience who want to live better everyday.

It is for the artists, because they experience ecstasy.

It is for those who want to live with intensity the simple things of everyday life, because they know of beauty.

Vital Development is for those who have an open heart, full of love, because they will find the harmony and peace within the embraces.

It is for those who love music, because they know of movement full of feeling. 

It is for the tired traveller, and for the lonely.

For the intellectual, the brilliant and the talented.

It is for pregnant women, for children, for adults and for older people.
Vital Development is for me, and for you.

It is for all those who love Nature, because they feel it on their skin.

It is for those who need enjoyed enjoyment and action.

Vital Development is for those who need to love.

For those who do not need anything, because they are beautiful as they are.

It is for the illuminated, because they will give their light. It is for the poets, because they experienced the “vivencia” of poetry.

And finally, Vital Development is for the fearful, because they will find the other side of fear:  the Desire.

Vital Development ® is a dynamic, vital and joyful dance form with therapeutic and transformational inputs taking its basics from gestures and expressions from everyday movements making them conscious at body and mental levels. It combines dance creative expression and body sensitive experience with music and community building into movements and forms that enables each participant to work towards his or her full potential as a healthy individual in relation with the others and the environment.

The Vital Development Workshop is structured and directed by a fully qualified Vital Development facilitator. It is practiced in mixed groups. The regular practice of increases the general state of mental and physical health and helps to gain awareness of our movements, body posture, expressive qualities, communicational skills, body language, kinaesthetic sensations, respect and love for yourself and the others, and the essential vital attitude to face life processes as we dance ourselves with enjoyment.

Each participant works on three levels of communication:
– with oneself
– with another person
– with the group

It is designed for use in a wide variety of settings and is effective with adults, seniors and in special groups with children.

The Vital Experience, a powerful living experience: The participant is guided through five pathways of Vital Expression: 
Vitality to feel our vital energy, our impulse to face the world;
Sexuality to feel desire and pleasure from our sensuality;
Creativity it is the element of renovation that we must apply in our daily life;
Affectivity to feel love, tenderness, respect among human beings; and
Transcendence to go beyond our own ego in order to reach higher levels of integration within Humanity, Nature and Universe.

Vital Development aims to promote and encourage:

– The release of our “bodily arguments”, resulting from the harshness of modern life and stress.

– A deeper understanding and developing of the self. – The expression of our full potentials.

– A dimension of love and affection into our daily life. – The capacity to relate and bond with other people.

– Awakening of a consciousness of universal solidarity.

– The development of an ecology based on love.

– Finally: Vital Development not only promotes a higher quality of life; it is definitely more ambitious: it achieves deeply the human potential for well-being and profound happiness.